Spring 2023: COMS 3261 Computer Science Theory

Fall 2023: COMS 6998 Algebraic Techniques in TCS

Fall 2022: COMS 6998 Fine-Grained Complexity

Fall 2021: COMS 6998 Algebraic Techniques in TCS

Volunteer Teaching

I’ve been involved with two volunteer teaching programs for middle and high school students. These programs are always looking for more teachers, so please get in touch if you’re interested!

  • The MISE Foundation organizes programs during the summer and throughout the year to teach math to promising high school students in Ghana. I have been volunteering since 2013, including serving as team leader for Ghana at the International Math Olympiad. The MISE Foundation is especially looking for teachers with math contest and math olympiad experience.

  • Learning Unlimited helps to organize programs like “Splash” where middle and high school students come to college campuses to take classes taught by college students. They have many yearly programs throughout the country. I’ve taught over 50 math, computer science, and miscellaneous classes at MIT and at Stanford.